Thierry Delair, PhD. Professor at the “Laboratoire d’ingénierie des Matériaux Polymères » at Claude Bernard University in Lyon. He has a proven track record in the conception, elaboration and applications of polysaccharide based materials for tissue engineering and for vectorization of active ingredients. He occupied high positions at bioMerieux during 10 years where he managed international R&D programs.

Pierre GIANELLO, MD, PhD. Transplant surgeon and researcher in the field of transplant immunology, head of the laboratory of experimental surgery since 1994 and he is also the co-ordinator of research of all Health Sciences at UCL in Brussels. After ten years in the field of clinical transplantation (kidney, pancreas, liver) at the University Hospital, he spent four years in the Transplant Biology Research Centre in Boston (D.H. Sachs, MGH, Harvard) working on tolerance in xenotransplantation in large animal models. He is a world known opinion leader in the field of pancreatic islets encapsulation and the assessment of this combination on re-establishing normoglycemia in type 1 diabetic large animals. He is member of several scientific societies and obtained several international awards.

Paul Johnson, MD, PhD. Director of the Oxford Islet Transplant Programme, and Prof. of Paediatric Surgery, University of Oxford, has been working in the field of islet isolation and islet transplantation since 1990, and has been instrumental in developing the UK Islet Transplant Consortium (UKITC) –the 1st government fully-funded national islet programme in the world. In 2011 he was appointed President of the IPITA. He is a world known opinion leader in the field of organ grafts and more precisely in pancreatic islets transplantation. In 2010, he was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the American Academy of Paediatrics.
Allan LANGLOIS, PhD. Project manager at the CeeD, he leads several topics focused on optimization of pancreatic islets transplantation. He has a proven experience in pancreatic islets isolation and  transplantation and assists DEFYMED® in studying MAILPAN® device in animals and assessing the cells function and survival once filled in MAILPAN® device.
Pascal MARMEY, PhD, engineer. Head of the Biological and Medical Engineering Pole at the CTTM since 2008. He has a proven experience in research and development on innovative medical devices until their commercialization. After his PhD, he joined MacoPharma where he developed four new innovative medical devices. He has an experience in surface treatment of medical devices and in CE approval.
Sebastien PERROT, engineer. R&D director of Medical devices/Biomaterials at STATICE. Specialized in microtechnics from the Polytechnical Federal School at Lausanne, he acquired several years of experience in the field of medical devices development in big Med-Tech companies like Johnson & Johnson. He’s in charge of the conception of Defymed’s medical devices within STATICE.



Nathalie JEANDIDIER, MD, PhD. Prof. of Endocrinology, Diabetes, University of Strasbourg, has been working in the field of peritoneal insulin infusion since 1988 with implantable pumps, and has been part of the CeeD since 2005. She has been president of the EVADIAC group (implantable pumps) and is now president of the scientific committee. She is involved in the first pass hepatic extraction in oral and intraperitoneal insulin administration or during pancreatic islet grafts.
Michel VIX, MD. Surgeon Digestive and Endocrine Surgery – Consultant surgeon in Strasbourg University Hospital, Member of the Editorial Board of WebSurg, Scientific Co-Director of IRCAD/EITS. Dr Michel Vix has extensive experience in general and digestive surgery and is specialized in emergency surgery and in bariatric and metabolic surgery. Dr Vix has participated in the project « Experimental, Interfacial, Analyses, Retrieval and Clinical Follow-up Studies of Implants and Medical Devices » with Professor Stig Karlsson. He is member of several scientific societies. He is also a world known opinion leader in the field of bariatric and metabolic surgery.