Defymed and CeeD at the 3rd AIDPIT&EPITA Joint Symposium  27-29th of January 2013
 Defymed and CHU of Montpellier at the SFD-Montpellier  26-29th of March 2013
 Defymed at the “Forum Biotechno”-Strasbourg  7th of June 2013
 Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences at the “Festschrift Dereck Gray”- Oxford  19th of March 2013


Work calendar

Kick off meeting of BIOSID at Strasbourg- France  3rd of January 2013
6 month report meeting of BIOSID at Montpellier- France  9-10th of September 2013
12 month report meeting of BIOSID at Paris- France  17th of January 2014


Press release

5.5 million Euro from the European Commission for the clinical
validation of the MAILPAN® bioartificial pancreas
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