Severine SIGRISTPhD. President of Defymed®, she is also the head of the research department of the «Centre europeen d’etude du Diabète (CeeD)» since 2005, where she focuses on the discovery of innovative therapies for diabetes treatment. She has worked on the development of the MAILPAN® since more than ten years at the CeeD. She insures Defymed’s development by searching for academic/industrial partners and seed funds, following the scientific development of the projects and managing the intellectual property of Defymed®.  development of the projects and managing the intellectual property of Defymed®.


Cap Innov'Est


CeeD (Centre européen d’étude du Diabète) is specialised in the development of innovative approaches to treat diabetes. This center has a proven history in developing international innovative projects within the diabetes field, with one focus: the patients comfort. The other part of focus of the CeeD deals with communication and sensitization on Diabetes in order to help patients to better follow their diabetes. CeeD was the coordinating organisation of the two European projects that gave birth to Defymed’s Bioartificial Pancreas, MAILPAN and bring its expertise in in vitro and in vivo validation of MAILPAN®’s device combined to pancreatic islets.

STATICE  is specialised in the study and manufacturing of implants, instruments and specific laboratory equipment. STATICE brings its expertise in MAILPAN®’s device conception, consolidation, sterilisation, and manufacturing.

CTTM (Centre de Transfert de Technologie du Mans) is a Technology Ressources Center (TRC) with four poles of study: Materials, Acoustics, Engineering conception and Biological and Medical Engineering. This fourth pole is composed of a multidisciplinary team gathering expertise in polymer materials, surface treatment, cellular biology and microbiology. This pole brings its expertise in finding adapted innovative solutions for the development of the biocompatible semi-permeable membranes  of MAILPAN device.

Cap Innov’Est is a 36 M€ tri-regional (Alsace, Bourgogne, Franche-Comté) fund dedicated to investments in young innovative start-ups. Cap Innov’Est was launched in July 2014 and has already invested in 6 start-ups. Cap Innov’Est is supported by Fonds National d’Amorçage, the 3 Regions Alsace, Bourgogne and Franche-Comté, SAFIDI, caisses d’épargne d’Alsace and Bourgogne/Franche-Comté, BNP Paribas & CIFC.
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Emertec, founded in Grenoble in 1999 with branches in Paris and Metz, EMERTEC is a venture capital firm managing € 190 million through several funds dedicated to early stage equity investment in Cleantech and Medtech. As a result of its quest for growth opportunities, EMERTEC secured 2 new funds under management in 2015: the “Fonds Lorrain des Matériaux” established in 2009, and the “Fonds Européen des Matériaux” established in 2015. These 2 investment vehicles are specifically oriented towards financing innovative start-up and SMEs in the field of material technology for the industry and medtech sectors.