Patient Advisory Board

What is a Patient Advisory Board ? 

The purpose of the Patient Advisory Board is to allow patients to provide their unique and invaluable perspective in the development phases of our innovations and to contribute to our goal of bringing to market a product that most closely meets a patient’s needs.

Patient Advisory Board

Willing to join the board ?

Recruitment and selection by the Defymed team 

What are the commitments involved in participating in the Patient Advisory Board ?

The patient-expert committee meets once a year (half day). In addition, a telephone or video conference is held three times a year. The aim is to provide a forum for exchange between the members of the expert committee at least once a quarter.

The members of the patient-expert committee undertake to :

  • Respect the confidentiality of information shared during committee meetings, whether scientific, design, clinical, development or business related

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Defymed undertakes not to communicate any personal information concerning patients (health status, personal address, etc.). Any communication, whether in the context of their participation in the patient-expert committee, or their opinion on the innovations developed by Defymed, will systematically require the agreement and validation of the patients.


Who are the Advisory Board patients? 

Advisory Board patients are experienced people who have acquired both experiential and medical knowledge about their disease. They know how to take a step back from their illness and learn from their own experience as well as that of other people they have had to listen to or accompany. Committee patients have great communication skills that allow them to share their views and experiences.

What missions ?

The mission of the patient-expert committee is to assist Defymed in its understanding of the specific patient needs of the disease and its treatment. The patient-experts thus ensure activities of :

  • Sharing experiences, knowledge and skills related to their diseases or treatments,
  • Exchange on the daily concerns of patients,
  • Feeling and appreciation of the elements developed by the company Defymed concerning directly and indirectly the medical devices.

Led by the President of Defymed, the patient-expert committee gives strategic assistance or recommendations that would be appropriate for Defymed to carry out for the next period in order to meet unmet medical needs. It gives the patient-expert a privileged place of access to Defymed information/innovations with a commitment to regular communications (dedicated newsletters and quarterly meetings)