Insulin delivery device

01.Principle of ExOlin®

  • A medical device for the physiological delivery of insulin, which is currently under development
  • Should make it possible to instantly administer an intraperitoneal (IP) injection of insulin using a simple subcutaneous injection (via an external connection to a syringe, pen, insulin pump, etc.)
  • A biocompatible, non-biodegradable membrane that is permeable to insulin, but impermeable to the tissues of the recipient
  • Adaptable to many applications and pathologies, in addition to diabetes, which require the physiological delivery of drugs or active ingredients

02.Benefits of the IP delivery of insulin:

  • Patients do not have to change their injection mode (syringe, pen, pump, etc.)
  • IP delivery is more physiological than subcutaneous delivery systems
  • Improved long-term blood glucose stabilization

03.Services related to ExOlin®

  • A team of experts serving your technical needs
  • Excellent quality work which has resulted in Defymed being certified, since 2014, according to the ISO 13485: 2003, EN ISO 13485: 2012 and ISO 9001: 2008 standards
  • Patented medical devices that can be tailored to different drugs for many therapeutic applications
  • Modifiable key parameters for tailoring our devices to your requests: type of materials, pore diameter and density, thicknesses, surface treatment, etc.
  • Access to different in vitro and in vivo models that can validate the combination of your drugs with our medical devices.