BioArtificial Pancreas (BAP)

01.Principle of MailPan ®

  • A medical device for the encapsulation of insulin-secreting cells, under development for the treatment of type 1 diabetes
  • Possibility of replacing the cells without the need for surgery, thanks to an input and output connection to the device
  • Use of non-biodegradable, biocompatible membranes with selective permeability: the glucose and insulin pass freely through the membrane while the immune system of the recipient [such as antibodies] cannot get inside the device
  • Adaptable to cell therapies (for diabetes and other applications), which require a protection of the immune system.

02.Advantages of a BioArtificial Pancreas:

  • Immune-protective membranes, which mean that onerous immunosuppressive therapies are no longer needed for the cell therapy of diabetes patients, e.g. human pancreatic islet transplantation
  • Unlimited access to insulin-secreting cells, thanks especially to the use of stem cells = no longer any need to rely on human pancreas donors
  • The autonomous and physiological regulation of blood glucose because the cells detect the level of glucose in the blood and release the required amount of insulin

03.Services related to MailPan ®

  • A team of experts serving your technical needs
  • Excellent quality work results in Defymed certification, according to the new ISO 13485:2016
  • Patented medical devices that can be tailored to different cell types for many therapeutic applications
  • Modifiable key parameters for tailoring our devices to your requests: type of materials, pore diameter and density, thicknesses, surface treatment, etc.
  • Access to different in vitro and in vivo models that can validate the combination of your cells with our medical devices.