iNanoBIT project

A European consortium coming from a common project: iNanoBIT

A project aiming at the integration of nanotechnology and biotechnology for the transplantation of beta cells and Langerhans islets. 

The project

The iNanoBIT project aims to apply nanotechnology for the imaging of pancreatic islet cell transplants and beta cells derived from induced pluripotent stem cells and subsequent regenerative processes in vivo. The iNanoBIT project will provide the currently missing toolbox leading to regenerative medicinal cell and tissue products into advanced pre-clinical testing and clinical trials, which is vital for the competitiveness of the European healthcare sector in this rapidly growing field.

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Uses of MailPan® within the project

Our partners

The consortium, made up of 5 SMEs and 3 university partners, is coordinated and led by industrial partners in the field of nanotechnology, imaging and stem cell technologies.

5 SME’s partners :


3 universitaries’ partners :

Les objectifs

Nano-imaging tools - nano-tools enabling multimodal imaging of specific cell types with high sensitivity.

Development of imaging equipment – dedicated SPECT systems combined with tomography and optoacoustic imaging in preclinical large animal models and in patients

Application of a medical device for the transplantation of beta cells derived from stem cells or xenogeneic islets.

Development of in vitro differentiated human beta cells and transplantable porcine xenogeneic islets.

La chronologie

  • 2018

    Kick-off meeting of the project

  • 2023

    End of the project