Board of director

Michel Pinget


Michel Pinget is a key opinion leader recognized in the field of diabetes. Thanks to his recognized scientific and clinical experience in diabetes, he brings a new perspective on the development of innovative physiological treatments.

  • Now, professor emeritus at the University of Strasbourg and president of the CeeD, he was university professor (1984-2016), head of endocrinology, diabetes and metabolic diseases at the university hospital of Strasbourg (1996-2013) and head of diabetes, endocrinology and nutrition at the hospital center of Mulhouse (2013-2016)
  • As the founder of the CeeD in 1991, he supervised the development of the MailPan® bioartificial pancreas from the beginning
  • He was one of the pioneers of the implantation of implantable insulin pumps in France (1989)
  • International scientific and medical recognition in the domain of diabetes treatment: President of AIDPIT (Artificial Insulin Delivery Pancreas and Islet Transplantation) in 2006-2007, a member of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD)

Jean-François Rax

Investment manager

As a specialist in technology transfer, investment and strategic consulting, Jean-François Rax brings his enthusiasm and expertise in strategy to Defymed, which are essential requirements for its development.

  • Graduate engineer from INSA Lyon
  • Director of investment at Capital Grand Est since 2014, specially dedicated to the Cap Innov’Est seed fund
  • Former partner with the Inserm Transfer Initiative, a seed fund specializing in early-stage investments in life sciences and human health
  • Member of the strategic board of many start-ups in biotechnology

Laurent Bocahut


Laurent Bocahut specializes in the financing and strategy of start-ups working on innovative materials for different applications. His expertise in this field as well as in the field of Medtechs is a major strategic asset for Defymed.

  • An engineer who graduated from the École Polytechnique with a master’s degree in environmental engineering from the University of Illinois (USA)
  • He began his career in the AREVA group where he held several managerial positions (2004-2008) before joining the Fond Lorrain des Matériaux as an investment manager
  • Since 2015, he has been a manager at the Emertec investment fund, which specializes in the early stage financing of technologies in innovative materials, and in the European Materials Fund in particular, with a funding envelope of € 21 million
  • Laurent has coordinated more than a dozen investment deals with innovative start-ups and SMEs in the east of France, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland